My research interest includes the application of nanocarriers and nanoparticles for topical and transdermal delivery of drugs. The use of the skin as an administration route offers several advantages, but the barrier function of the highly organized structure of the stratum corneum limits its use. The research conducted by me focuses on the development and evaluation of drug delivery systems, strategies to overcome the barrier function of the stratum corneum, and promote efficient delivery of therapeutic compounds into or across the skin.


  • Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles
  • Anti-oxidant activity of nanocarriers
  • Wound healing activity of silver naoparticles on rat.
  • Transdermal drug delivery for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Formulation and optimization of hydrogel.
  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic & writhing activity.
  • Bio-availability assessment in rat.
  • Formulation and evaluation of proniosomes.
  • Formulation and evaluation of microemulsions.
  • Ultrasound assisted permeation enhancement.
  • Formulation of fast dissolving buccal films.


  • Instrumentation:P.L.C. – Waters, USA & Shimadzu, Japan, Electrophoresis, Lyophilization, Spectrophotometer, Sonicator, Flame photometer, Refrectrometer, Polarimeter and other equipments used in pharmacy laboratories.


PCP dissolution software, Chem Draw, STATISTICA v. 5.0., Empower Software (Waters), MS Word, MS Excel, Internet.