1. Enhanced drug delivery – India 273/DEL/2008

  2. Microemulsion  – India 274/DEL/2008

  3. Treatment of pain and inflammation – India 275/DEL/2008

  4. Photo-bioreactor for continuous product extraction from carbohydrate secreting microorganisms and simultaneous nutrient replenishment. – India 2771/DEL/2011

  5. Herbal nano silver using black pepper for acne treatment – India 943/DEL/2012

  6. Targeted drug delivery – India 1193/DEL/2012

  7. Synthesis of silver nano particles from The Bark of Ashoka Tree – India 1238/DEL/2012

  8. Herbal nano silver using ratanjot for wound and burn treatment – India 1320/DEL/2012

  9. Herbal nano silver particles synthesized & stabilized by the extract of Saraca indica leaves. – India 1556/DEL/2012

  10. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Centratherum anthelminticum plant tissue extract  – India 3102/DEL/201

  11. Synthesis & photocatalytic applications of novel green BiOBr nanoparticles for waste water treatment – India 2546/DEL/2014